About us

Chalets Lanaudière, memory maker!

Treat yourself to a hint of the VIE DE CHALET (Cottage life) experience at home! Here is what Chalets Lanaudière offers you with our new products derived from our online store.

We have concocted a new collection of unique products that will remind you of your stay in a chalet, yurt, cabin or campsite, your time in the great outdoors and those in communion with nature, in short, all these memories created at Chalets Lanaudière!

Wear and proudly use the products from this new collection wherever you go! Make yourself noticed by displaying these products depicting nature and cottage lifestyle!

It’s our way of showing you that we are thinking of you and that we are looking forward to seeing you again for another beautiful chalet, yurt, cabin or campsite experience in an enchanting natural and rejuvenating setting!

You will also share happiness with the children! How?

By encouraging Chalets Lanaudière, a non-profit social organisation, which supports Camp Mariste's mission for children living in precarious and vulnerable contexts, you are doing a good deed! Your purchase is a local and solidarity one! So on behalf of the children, thank you!